Our services involve the provision of day to day operations and maintenance of telecom networks; these services include the following:
• BTS Maintenance and managed service.
• BTS Equipment Installations, Testing and Commissioning.
• BSC/RNC Installation, Commissioning and Integration.
• Transmission nodes/networks Installation, Testing and Commissioning
• Transmission Systems Maintenance and Manage Service.
• DC Power Systems Maintenance and Manage Service.
• RAN Nodes Software Loading and Upgrades
• RF Cables, CPRI/Waveguides/Connectors
• Core Network Nodes Installation, Commissioning and Integration.
• Microwave Installation & Maintenance- Cables & Connectors Check, Link alignment
• RF Planning, Design & Optimization
• Radio Measurement, Drive/Walk Testing and Benchmarking.
• Indoor & Outdoor Distributed Antenna System Deployment and Maintenance.
• Fibre Network Deployment, Splicing, Testing, Maintenance and Manage Service.
• Testing Equipment Maintenance and Re-calibrations.
• IT and data network services
• Paging, CCTV and SCADA System Deployment and Maintenance.


Our services  involve the provision of day to day operations and maintenance of telecom networks; these services include the following:
• Generator Maintenance and Manage Service
• Civil Works Construction, Tower Foundation, Re-enforcement, Retaining Wall, Concreting and Maintenance
• Tower Rigging, Alignment, Painting and Maintenance
• Electrical Installation And Maintenance - Aviation Lamps, ATS/Alarms System, Electrical Lightings, UPS installation, Rectifiers, Inverters, Batteries, Reticulations, A/C,Transformers,etc.
• Solar Power Systems Deployment and Maintenance
• Earthing and Grounding Systems Provisioning and Maintenance.
• Security & Janitorial Services
• Site Supervision, Shelters Maintenance
• Diesel Supply - Generator Refueling, and Dump Services
• Infrastructure Upgrades to Accommodate Site Share and Colo-Partners.


We are at the forefront of providing our clients with specialized pool of telecoms professionals in Africa. Through our unique business process outsourcing solutions, we provide the following services to our clients:
• Recruitment: selection (pre-interview and background checks)
• Resource leveling &Planning, Payroll Management
• Manpower Outsourcing: through our pool of resources we provide Engineering staff, IT specialists, Telecom Engineers, RF service engineers, Field maintenance Engineers, HSE engineers, Security & Janitorial Services and more as may be requested by the client.


We also provide Transportation and Haulage Services (on Land and Water ways); Warehousing and Leasing Services.
We ensure astute expert delivery on Project Management, Procurement, Logistics, Full Advisory Services, Turnkey system for material handling projects, Startup Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance and engage in the business of Civil Constructions, Building, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation Control, Chemical and Process Engineering Works.
We provide innovative and value driven consultancy services, thereby creating new opportunities for mobile operators, vendors, and partners to boost performance, reduce costs and retain customers.
We also provide services on ATM, Frame Relay, Multiplexing, rate and interface conversion, bridging and routing elements like
• Centrally managed last mile modem system for connecting users to carrier network over fiber and XDSL modems
• An integrated multi-service platform comprising digital access concentrators, data/voice multiplexers, routers, access servers, interface modules, switches and accessories.
• ATM networking termination units and internetworking access devices
• LAN technologies – Token Ring, Ethernet and FDDI
• Frame and Standard Converters
• LAN hubs and connectivity devices
• Data communication accessories for legacy networks


Real Time Global Services Limited, RETIGS, through our affiliation, Coral-i Services, Midrand Gauteng South Africa, with an internationally ISO accredited calibration facility, we are offering Test Equipment re-calibration services in the following fields:
a). Radio Frequency: (exceeding 40 GHz) including power, attenuation, modulation, impedance, frequency
b). Time and Frequency
c). Torque
d). Electrical: Including AC and DC voltage and current, resistance, capacitance, oscilloscopes, etc
e). Temperature and Pressure
f). Fiber Optic: Including optical power, splicing, sensor, and OTDR calibration.

Types of equipment that can be calibrated include, but not limited to the following.
Spectrum Analyzers; Attenuators; RF loads; Power Meters; Power Sensors; Modulation analyzers; Communications analyzers; Amplifiers; Frequency counters; Power supplies; Oscilloscopes; Site Analyzers, 2Mb testers; Torque wrenches; Earth resistance testers; Multi-meters; Function generators; Signal generators; Current clamps; Pulse generators; Noise meters; OTDRs; Optical sources; Optical splicers; Optical attenuators; Optical power meters; Fusion splicers (service); Thermometers; Etc.